Tennant Creek Musings

Having lost my rather expensive sports towel I was happy to find large replacements in Kmart at a fraction of the cost. I think due to their remarkable properties they are underpriced.
Let me elaborate.
One side is fairly smooth, the other has quite a thick pile. The side with the thick pile defies gravity and the odds and almost always lands on the ground (think buttered toast). The smooth side is hydrophobic – it hates water and actively repels it ensuring you can only use the thick pile side for drying.
Having come into contact with the ground the deceptively soft pile becomes like the lovechild of superglue and velcro. Nothing will remove the leaf matter and tiny twigs once adhered to the towel. It has some sort of previously undocumented magnetic-like ability to draw organic matter to it, even on the stillest of days. I have seen small birds be pulled of course towards the towel and only the most valient effort ensures they dont get snared by the TowelFromHell. I have on occasion had to save the life of a grasshopper or cricket as they become so stuck they was are willing to chew their own legs off.
After washing, drying, brushing said TFH, with a thick brush, and using tweezers to remove all visible pieces deeply embedded in the pile, some invisible remnants will remain. Invisible but strong and sharp enough to leave my back looking like it’s been taken to with a cat-o-nine-tails, or the aftermath of a very passionate night of … nevermind… you get the picture.
It has the escape talent of Houdini, so while my pegs are strong enough to hold my sleeping bag on the line during a gale they seem unable to hold my TFH during the slightest gust of wind.

After showering, I now find that drying myself with the clothes I wore that day is a better and safer option. Cleanliness is overrated!

My Observations from the Caravan Park.

☆Nothing is safe in the fridge.
☆Washing machines often contain a sock or undies from the previous user. Note: no sock found will ever match one you are looking for.
☆The grass will be cut the day before it rains making it impossible not to track wet grass into your tent.
☆The wetter and muddier the dog the more accurately he will find the middle of my pillow when entering the tent.
☆Clean undies will jump from the hook or slip from your hand in the shower stall, but only if the floor is wet. Note: thinking outside the box I hung my undies on the TowelFromHell in the shower stall, thinking I’d have to wrestle them off after my shower, but sadly they slid off like water from a duck’s back and landed in the wettest part of the stall floor.
☆The loudest snorer will always be the camper closest to your site.
☆The young man with the pronounced limp actually doesn’t have a deformity..his thong (feet not butt) is broken.
☆The cleaner never appears to be cleaning the far toilet block, but always cleaning the near one.
☆The sprinkler WILL come on if you forget to close your tent.
☆The flasher the camper the less likely the occupant will donate.

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