Good morning 😊

I’ve just sent some more cash donations off with some travellers heading to a post office. When these last two donations are processed I will have passed $19 000 raised and given to Black Dog Institute Team Black Dog Australia.

Someone asked me yesterday how much I would have raised if I included what I use for food and living costs. The answer is $19 000.

My darling husband aka BIBU and I fully self fund this adventure and every cent donated goes to the fund. More in fact as often people give me money and say “Buy yourself a nice hot meal at the next town”. I thank these people gratefully but more often than not put the money into the donation tin.

Someone also suggested that my time would be better used by getting a job and donating the income to my preferred charity.

Where is the fun in that! Imagine the people I wouldn’t meet, the sights I wouldn’t see, the skinned knees and grazes I wouldn’t have!

One young man called Luke stopped by the HummDinger and we chatted for a while. He shared some of his story, I shared some of mine, we hugged a little, we cried a little, and he then explained that he had ridden a different route home that day and hadn’t known why he’d done this until he came upon Dexter and I. Then he added that he had been very low since the breakdown of a relationship and had indeed been having suicidal thoughts. He thanked me for taking the time to talk with him and when he left he said he was feeling his burden so much lighter and could now see light at the end of the tunnel. I told him how good it made me feel to hear these words as my whole journey was an attempt, however small, to make a difference.

He said “You’ve made a difference to me!”.

$19 000 or $50 000 raised is one thing, but I’ve already achieved a goal that, as they say on the TV commercials, is priceless.

Thank you Luke!

One Woman Wandering