For the love of peace

So yesterday I spent the entire day stuck in a rest area waiting for my batteries to charge. Lots of vans came and went but none stopped or said hello.
About 4 pm a van stopped nearby and an older English gentleman walked by me twice looking for a place to stop for the night. He could hear my generator and the only comment he made, not even hello, was “Is that going to run all night?”.
“No,” I said. “I’m actually about to turn it off.” With that he camped as far away as possible obviously not wanting any noise.
5.30pm arrives. A fairly large van pulls up close to me, between me and “Mr Hows the Serenity”.
A mum jmps out, introduces herself as Kerry and says she’s heard about me and my dog.
Next come four kids, Henry, Alice, Ned and Lucy.
They, along with Dexter and all his Squeeky toys then go about running, squealing, yelling and having a darn good time well into the darkness.
They gave me dinner, and chocolate and we sat chatting around the fire until past 9pm.
Lovely night for me.
Not so much for the peace loving others.

As I went to bed a third van arrived and set up right next to the poor “I just want quiet” gentleman.

Maybe he should have said hello to me and been a bit friendlier!

What goes around comes around!

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